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The Kampuchea Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Auditors (KICPAA or the Institute) is the statutory body and regulator of the accounting and auditing profession in Cambodia which was established by the 2002 Law on Corporate Accounts, Their Audits, and the Accounting Profession and subsequently the 2016 Law on Accounting and Auditing of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Institute has been established with a view to protect the public interest and the interest of the profession; to govern its members through professional capacity development; to enforce compliance with standards, professional codes of conduct, rules and regulations; and to develop and manage professional accounting education programs.


“BE A RECOGNIZED AND TRUSTED professional body of accountancy in the region”.


We are committed to upholding public interest through educating and governing its members with high competent professional and ethical standards; and to maintain the confidence of the public in the profession.


• Fairness : the Institute will be committed to treating all types of members in a fair, impartial and consistent manner;
• Accountability : the Institute will accept responsibility for their actions and decisions;
• Integrity : the Institute will act in an honest, ethical, and professional manner in all endeavors, and fully disclose all information;
• Respect : the Institute will be responsive, considerate, and courteous to all members and to the public.

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The Kampuchea Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Auditors (KICPAA) was established on 19 March 2003 by Anukret (Sub-Decree) No. 18 ANKR/BK under the LAW on Corporate Accounts, Their Audit and Accounting Profession (2002), now the LAW on Accounting and Auditing (2016). KICPAA is the only National Professional Body of Accountancy in Cambodia.

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